We've Moved!


Macys Thanksgiving Parade JackA$@

This guy inspired more creative heckling then i have heard in years. He was around 50 years old standing on a 10 foot ladder in the middle of the viewing area. No camera, no children, just himself. On top of all that, there were hundreds of other spectators with ladders, all of whom did the courteous thing and lined their ladders off to the side. There must be hundreds of photos with this guy in them.


On our walk to the farmer's market this morning.


Wings over Houston

We had a chance to attend the 25th annual Wings over Houston (WOH!) airshow this weekend. In addition to some great weather and spectacularly restored aircraft we were treated to some fancy flying by the Commemorative Airforce and the Navy's Blue Angels.


Hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend!


Ambient Fright winners!

A happy and haunted Halloween to all of you Le Cliquers, and especially to participants of the "Ambient Fright" photo contest. A big thank you to all for making the first ever LC photo contest a huge success.

Entries were ranked on a points system individually by our three esteemed judges with the scariest photo recieving 3 pts, second scariest 2 pts, and third scariest garnering 1 pt respectively. The scores from the judges were totaled with the highest score taking the prize.

And now, in what is sure to be the biggest scandal since the G.W Bush/ Al Gore election, are the winners of "Ambient Fright"...

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Honorable Mentions

Now for the prize!

To avoid allegations of ballot stuffing and voting misdeeds (and the fact that Jenn and I knew what the prize was so it ruins the surprise) we have decided to bestow the grand prize to our third place finisher -Zerodaze for his classic O.G. haunted house. He will receive the following prize package valued doubtlessly, at next to nothing.

A set of vintage "Little Technical Library" instructional photography books!!!

Again thanks to all of our participants and congratulations for making "Ambient Fright" a blast.


Things that go bump in the night

It turns out I seem to have the best luck (or worst depending on how you look at it) at shooting and finding creepy things at night. What are the odds that when I'm just simply trying to familiarize myself with using a camera in all types of light, the things that go bump in the night would choose to make an appearance in the post-processing stage? Needless to say, I'll no longer be testing the camera in the dark.

Highway snapshot

Jenn and I were quite startled to glimpse this on the road home the other night after exiting the highway. After seeing something ahead at the edge of the headlights I managed to grab our point and shoot (which always sits in the cupholder just in case) and grab three shots. The other two were mostly dash and headliner (I was driving after all) but this one got it. We were both needless to say, pretty skeezed out.

We now take the next exit to get home at night.


Ambient Extension - Thursday, Oct. 29!

If you'd like to submit more images for Ambient Fright, you have one last chance to do it! Post your images no later than 7:00pm EST, Thursday October 29th.

Happy creepy photo'ing!

The Birds


Phantom of the Plum

Evil lurks beneath a juicy exterior!


I took this photo with an old, old digital camera I had. I decided to look through the memory card before tossing it out when I found this. I don't even remember shooting it. Passing moments in the big city.


This is one of my grandmother's dogs. I call her Yim Yim ("Smile smile").

My personal nightmare

Yea so some people know that birds give me the jibblies so a life-sized one would pretty much send me running in the opposite direction.


An abandoned house in an all but abandoned town!